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Wells of Agape, Inc.                              
Modeling, Mentoring and Teaching Family Values


Wells of Agape is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization with a heart for families. We

are dedicated to serving abused and neglected children and their families and preparing

youth for independent living. We also Model, Mentor, and Teach families to help them to

establish practical core values that will allow them to become successful in their workplaces

as well as in their communities.


We provide faith based counseling, Parenting classes, Anger Management classes, Relapse Prevention classes, and life skills training.

What are we giving to our community?

Wells of Agape is helping to preserve and reunite families.

We are providing services that will allow families to live successfully in our communities.

We are equipping our youth for independent living.                                                                                                               

What do we need from our community?

Partner with us to help us educate, preserve and reunite families

Live by example

Get involved with local schools, churches, and community groups

Encourage families that are struggling

Strong Families Make Strong Communities